I wanted to gauge the group's interest in having a Local Business Owners meetup.

The proposed meetup would likely be held in mid October at a yet to be determined location in Oak Park. It would be an informal gathering so we can meet, discuss, and share our businesses in a comfortable, casual environment.

If you'd be interested in attending and/or have a space in mind that might be interested in hosting, please reply to this discussion and let us know!

If we have enough interest, I'll work on formalizing the details and post the specifics to the Events page so people can RSVP and invite others that might be interested in attending as well.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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I would be interested.

Jeff Kida
We would be interested also. ... but please, very informal, so it doesn't seem like a business area meeting. ;)
I would definitely be interested also. Thanks for thinking of this Brian.
I would be interested.

Sounds like a great idea!
Great idea Brian, count us in. Divine Consign can provide the space as we have a plethora of comfortable furniture! M/T after 6pm, W/R/F after 7pm.
I'd be interested, too. But only if I can wear a suit and we follow Roberts Rules of Order. :)
I would like to attend and would be willing to host the event at The Perfect Dinner. We could do an appetizer/cocktail thing from 7-9pm if interested. I can provide the food & wine, of course. The Perfect Dinner is not a big space but fine for 20-30 people to mingle.
Thanks for all your responses and if anyone else is interested, please let us know.

I think we have enough interest to move forward with the event, so I'll work on the details and report back soon with a plan.

A special thank you to both Divine Consign and Karen at The Perfect Dinner for offering to host the event. Karen, I'll be in touch soon to discuss further.
Count me in, too!



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