Who is new to Oak Park and who's a DOOPer (dear old Oak Parker)?

I was just curious. How did you get to Oak Park?

-Grew up here and stayed as an adult
-Grew up here, left for a bit and came back
-Grew up somewhere else and moved here as an adult (has been 10+ years though)
-Grew up somewhere else and moved here recently

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Grew up somewhere else and moved here 4.5 years ago.
Grew up somewhere far away, moved to Chicago (Hyde Park), moved far away, moved back to Chicago (Oak Park). Been here almost 5 years.
Grew up somewhere else, moved to Chicago 4 years ago, moved to the area (bought in Forest Park, my business is in Oak Park) 2 years ago.
Grew up all over (AF brat), moved to Chicago, moved to OP 2.5 years ago.
Grew up on the Southwest side (114th and Harlem), but spent a LOT of time with my Polish grandmother in Elmwood Park (Grand and Harlem), and drove through Oak Park to get there. Once I was on my own and needed to relocate, I chose to move to the adorable neighborhood I'd been driving through my entire life :)

Been here almost 6 years now, hoping to be here for a while longer...
My mom's family grew up in OP, so even though I lived elsewhere until 5th grade, we were always in Oak Park. Anyhoo, we moved here in 5th grade and I feel like I grew up here. I left for college, moved back for 3 years, then moved to Forest Park for 4 years. We moved back to Oak Park 2-1/2 years ago and probably won't leave unless forced to. We moved back for the school system and community (only went to FP because it was cheaper).
Grew up on East Coast, spent 13 years in San Francisco and moved to Oak Park 22 years ago, although it's hard to believe it's been that long.
Grew up somewhere else and moved here in 1991. Been here ever since.
Grew up in Chicago 5 blocks north of OP, and went shopping at Lake and Harlem as a child. Lived in Lakeview for a few years, then a northwest 'burb, and moved here 3.5 years ago. Not leaving anytime soon if I can help it.
I lived in Oak Park for about a year in 2001. Planning on moving back this Spring/Summer. Cannot wait. OP left quite an impression on me. I am stuck way out in a far flung southwestern suburb at the moment, and it feels rather draining and uninspiring, to say the least.
Grew up in the Midwest... lived in a handful of Midwest states, moved to Chicago with a job transfer and lived in Rogers Park. While still a Chicago 'newbie' I got lost while trying to find Fitzgeralds... lost had me driving around Oak Park... and that was 12 years ago! I've been in OP ever since.
Grew up in River Forest. Lived in Evanston and the city for 10 years. Been back in Oak Park since 1989.



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