I hate to admit it, but I've been to TJ's only once since they opened. Would like to try some of your very favorite things...what are they?

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Frozen French Onion Soup
Frozen Cioppino
Gingerbread Mix
Specialty Sodas
Gum drops
Oh my, there's a lot we love at Trader Joe's. They have Cuban Black Beans in a can that work great as a side dish as well as in tortillas. They have delicious 12-grain and gorgonzola crackers. The New Zealand organic cheddar is great. All of their organic, fair-trade coffees are terrific. The veggies are tasty and of good quality. Their tofu is cheaper than any of the options at Whole Foods. TJ's has great vegetarian chicken strips that work well in fajitas. That's just off the top of my head....
Marinated Chicken / Beef
Pretzel Rolls

I could go on...
I can tell you what I don't love. We just bought their canned buttermilk biscuits and I think they forgot to add the baking soda. They were flat as pancakes.
3-layer hummus
frozen apps
snap peas
mango frozen treats
Overall, we love the prices and how friendly the TJ's people are.
the only thing i really love is the croissants that are in the frozen section, both plain and chocolate. they are made by the same company that makes williams-sonoma's except they are way cheaper.
The sea salt caramel chocolates are the BEST hands down!
The chickenless nuggets are ridiculously good! We just keep buying them :) We also enjoy their heat and eat selection, especially the eggplant parmesan, the checken parmesan, and the enchiladas.

As a cook, their fresh peeled ready to slice and cook garlic CANNOT be beat! I toss them into my roasted veggies whole, heaven :)
organic vanana yogurt
horseradish hummus
sea salt caramels
animal crackers
almond butter
pizza dough

their tofu and almond butter are WAY cheaper than whole foods.
Let me say something nice this time. I do love their scones. I just had a very nice salad for lunch from TJ too.
peanut butter filled chocolate covered pretzels
nuts about raspberries and chocolate trail mix
everything pretzel thins
good selection and price of cheeses, wine, and beer in my opinion
instant steel cut oats
very cheap water crackers with a multigrain and flaxseed flavor
mochi ice cream
i like alot of their indian and thai marinades and stir fry sauces
microwaveable bowls of brown rice, they come in individual serving sizes which are great for work!

there is a lot more but that's all i can think of off the top of my head! i always find something new to try when i go there

The chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels are SO good!

They have good soup, chicken salad, frozen pizza and those croissants are amazing. I feel like i've never had something I don't like there!



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