Getting ready to invite bids for a kitchen renovation. Does anyone have experience--negative, positive or neutral--about any local contractors? Wondering, for example, about Von Dreele-Freerksen Construction. Thanks.

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I would highly recommend the contractor who did our kitchen and our bathroom. He works around the clock, is honest and quite talented and knows the permit process as well as accomodating to families w/small children and their crazy schedules. We also have lovely custom made built ins that he created in our lovely new kitchen. Steve can be reached at

Thanks--company name?
I don't recommend The Remodeling Station.   Joe is very nice to work with and the work is generally good, but they damaged the sidewalk in our yard by driving equipment over it without putting a board down and despite reassurances to the contrary never came out to do or fix things later, as they said they would.

Thanks for this info. I'm guessing, in good faith, you'd paid them in full: once they have their money, we have little leverage.


I see their work around a lot - but I haven't had opportunity to use them.  They have been in the area a long time and it looks like they will provide you with some references too.

Steve is doing business as Bickford Custom Cabinets. If you would like to see our kitchen, please feel free to send me an e-mail





Great suggestion; thanks.



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