Hey everyone! Thanks again for joining the site. There's so much to discuss about life in and around Oak Park, you're probably wondering where to begin! This is one place where you can get started. Feel free say hello here and introduce yourself to the other members.

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Hi, Guys! My name is Matt and I have been living in Oak Park for about a year now (originally from southern Kentucky.) My first year here has been INCREDIBLE, this is a great community. I just decided to put my passion for baking to good use and just launched my online bakery http://www.tbcbbakery.com and I couldn't be more excited. Oak Park seems to be a great place for small businesses and I am anxious to see where this road takes me.

Hi Matthew, it's great to have you. Your cupcakes look tasty! 

I moved to Oak Park with my husband and two boys on Saturday!    So we have less than a week under our belts.  :)

My husband and I lived in Chicago, Logan Square, when we were first married, then moved back to our hometown in Central Illinois for about six years.  We never wanted to leave Chicago, circumstances took us away, and we were always on the lookout for opportunities to come back.  Finally my husband was able to get a job transfer to Downer's Grove and we thought Oak Park would be a great fit for us because it's close to the city but also not too far for him to commute. 

We visited our boys' new school tonight and everyone was so friendly and enthusiastic.  I can tell it is going to be a great experience.  Can't wait for school to start next week. 

I'm really excited to learn about everything Oak Park has to offer.  So far we have tried several tasty restaurants, visited the fantastic Geppetto's Toy Box, and been to the library every day.  The library... oh my goodness.  We are in heaven.

Welcome! We moved here from Logan Square about 8 years ago. Oak Park has been a really nice place for us, too.


Hello! My husband and I have been living in Forest Park for a couple of years... We love Thursday Nights Out in the summer!

I currently teach pilates, sculpt, and dance classes at the Park District of Oak Park and my husband performs magic shows for all ages around the city.

Excited to get to know more of my community!

We're going to miss those Thursday Nights Out. Glad to have you here. Let us know if your husband ever has a show in town!

Hi all,

Formally introducing myself now that we've officially closed on our house.  My husband Ed and I just bought a Victorian on Wesley.  It's been vacant for the past three years so we have our work cut out for us. In addition to our ~new hobby of home restoration, we enjoy traveling, riding our bikes, checking out new (and old) restaurants, taking walks, and watching sports. We've both lived in Chicago for the past 15 years, but I'm originally from Detroit (and avidly support all Detroit teams, despite the rough week the Lions and Tigers are having) and Ed is originally from NYC (and is a Bears and Sox fan- we have a mixed marriage). We're excited to be here and we look forward to meeting you all!

Yay! Welcome to Oak Park.

Hi all!

My son and I just moved to Oak Park in late August of 2012.  We relocated from Utah, but I grew up a few hours away in the Quad Cities.  We are really enjoying Oak Park so far, and have found the school system to be superb.  I thoroughly enjoy everything about this city so far (minus how infrequent Pace Buses run... errr).  

I would love to get to know anyone in the area.  We live on Oak Park Ave blue line stop.

Hi Matthew, welcome to Oak Park! I'm sure you'll like it here. 



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