Hey everyone! Thanks again for joining the site. There's so much to discuss about life in and around Oak Park, you're probably wondering where to begin! This is one place where you can get started. Feel free say hello here and introduce yourself to the other members.

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Hi R! Welcome. We're glad to have you. Has Oak Park changed much since you moved away?

R Johnson said:
Hi everyone, My name is Rhonda and I recently moved back to Oak Park after having moved 8 years ago.  I decided to move back to be closer to work (downtown Chicago).  I have two adult daughters, one who just graduated from the University of IL and currently doing an internship in South Carolina.  My other daughter is studying nursing and then there's my 8 year old, 2nd grade.  Thank you for having me!

Hi my name is Anne and I have been living in Oak Park for about 10 years.  I love it here-  my boys go to school at Longfellow and they are doing great.  Thanks for starting the community _ I always like to connect to out neighbors.


Hey Kia, thanks for joining and saying hello. Hopefully you guys can make it to one of our meetups in the future. I try to have them every few months when I can get my act together!
Welcome, Katie. Glad to hear you're loving Oak Park so far!
I'll bite...my name is Rani; and my daughters and I have lived in Oak Park for almost 10 years, having moved straight from Louisiana to Oak Park.  I have a 5th grader at a local elementary school and a 3 year old at a local preschool.  We lived off Oak Park Avenue near downtown for the majority of this time; having moved to South Oak Park just this summer...which we LOVE.  I love Oak Park, and so do my daughters...my oldest has been here since she was a year old and she can't imagine living anywhere else or moving away from her friends and lifestyle.  I love it so much here, I encourage all my friends with kids to move here and enjoy not having to worry about getting their kids in a magnet school, or any of the other trials and tribulations that come with city dwelling :)  I really think OP is the best place, hands down, to raise children.  Nice e-meeting you all.
Welcome to the site! We just moved to Oak Park this summer and it's nice to hear how much you love it.
Hi there! I'm Elijah. I'm new to Oak Park (about three months?) and actually to the U.S.A., so I'm still adjusting. Everything is nice here in Oak Park! People are kind and courteous, and I feel safe walking around downtown. I'm a big Bears fan and I'm planning on studying around the area. Thank you for having me!
Hi Elijah, thanks for saying hello. Hopefully you're adjusting to Oak Park. It's a great place to live!

Hi! I'm Allison! My husband, kids and I just moved here about a month ago.  Got the kids registered in school and have sifted through the majority of the boxes.  So far - so great!  We're enjoying OP.


I know there's a Newcomer's Club - we're looking for ways to meet new people. Our kids are middle-school aged so it's not as easy to connect with people - like when you take the babies to the playground.  Ideas?

Welcome to you and your family, Allison. Any particular activities / interests you guys share? I'm sure we could probably point in the direction of some different groups / activities with some more information.

Hi Brian!  Thanks for the welcome!  Well, in our previous town, we did a lot of volunteering with civic and charitable organizations.  We also love coffee, good food, shopping, music, art, theater, hockey and soccer.  Gee, this reads a bit like a match.com ad!  I might as well add that we like long walks on the beach! :)  


Anyway, I'm sure we'll find our way in our new community but there's still a lot of  hustle and bustle of trying to get settled.

I have been an Oak Parker for 5 years now and I am launching a business that benefits children in foster care at Hephzibah Home. I create customized children's books and digital posters that are completely customized.  Each illustration is chosen by the parent and the child's image is graphically illustrated to be on each page.  I am making books for all the kids that Hephzibah cares for.

Please check out the site www.myshowandtellbook.com and send me some feedback.  If you are interested in a poster or a book, shoot me an email and I'll give you a code for discount.



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