New geeks in the neighborhood -- also, A/C window-unit installation and local yoga studios?

Hello, fellow denizens of Oak Park! My name is Teresa, and I just moved to Oak Park on Tuesday, into a cute little apartment near Washington at Ridgeland. My boyfriend Matt works in Cicero and I work just outside the Loop (and we were commuting from Elmhurst area, so we are very glad to be here).  We're both twentysomething artsy folks.  Oh yes, those.  I'm a copy editor, an art-photography model, and a writer and he's an elementary-school music teacher, an indie filmmaker, and an opera hunk -- also interested in philosophy.  We are both geeks.

Aside from any general "check this place out" advice you might have for me (I've always loved OP, so it's not entirely new to me, but it's never the same as being a resident), I have two specific recommendations I'm looking for:

1) We're on the third floor of our apartment building and have a window A/C unit that is brand-new and VERY large and heavy.  We'd like to get it professionally installed -- do you know anyone around here who could do a good quick job for a reasonable rate?

2) I'm looking for a yoga studio somewhere within walking distance of Washington/Ridgeland or the Ridgeland Green Line.  It looks like there are several.  I've never had a yoga-studio membership before, but some of the rates seem pretty steep to me.  Any advice for one that, again, is reasonably priced (and maybe has some early-morning classes and/or offers hot yoga?)

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Welcome to Oak Park!  

We had a couple of threads about handymen.  Some of these might be able to help you install the air conditioner.

On Yoga:

There are a few other threads.  You can search older threads with the search box in the upper right hand corner of the site.

Hi Teresa! Welcome. I think there's a yoga studio about a block or two east and Ridgeland and Lake Street. I can't remember the name and there's a small chance it might be a Pilates studio instead, but it's worth a try. 

By the way, sometimes I host meetups at a local restaurant for my fellow Live Here Oak Parkers, so definitely be on the lookout for the next one. It's good way to meet people. 

I love the Bikram studio on Oak Park Ave. above Erik's/Nora's.  It's one el stop west of Ridgeland station or a 6 (or so) block walk.

I second the vote for the Bikram studio!


Yoga - While not exactly close, I truly recommend Inner Wisdom (almost exclusively Iyengar). It is one of the best places I've been in my life with very conscientious teachers.

Noel Schenk - Electrical and Handyman Service 708-715-7212 does all kinds of installations.  He's really reasonable, nice guy.  Local.  

Welcome to Oak Park.  (I know contractors and home service folks for my day job, so I tend to pipe in a lot.)

Welcome to Oak Park!  If you haven't already done so, you may want to check the Village website for useful information about living in Oak Park., choose "Living In Oak Park" just under logo on upper left...

And feel free to call my office with any questions.


Teresa Powell

Village Clerk


The Studio at Lake and Ridgeland that Becca mentioned is part of the Tennis and Fitness club.  It's about $12 a lesson.  They sell 5 and 10 lesson packages at no discount, or monthly memberships.  It has a lot of instructors from the old studio up on Chicago Ave that was rated well by people I knew, but I have not been.

I too was interested in early morning classes (like 6am, so I can do an hour class, shower and still get to work before 8:30) but they only had them one day a week.  The Schedule may have changed though since they were just open a couple weeks when I last looked.



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