Where would you send 3 or 5 cartoonists who need a place to "eat/drink/spread out a bit" on Sunday afternoon at 4 to about 6? We're getting our collective act(s) together for a school visit and I am most centrally located and selected to pick a place. 



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Check out the main branch of the library -- they have rooms that you can reserve.

Thanks Paul. We're hoping for someplace where we can eat/drink and in this case, not baby carrots out of a ziplock, ya know? 

How about the OP Conservatory (I think they allow food) for some creative energy? Or possibly the River Forest Community Center - you'd have to call to see about renting space. Hmm, how about the Oak Park Art League or even the Carleton Hotel? Hope you find something suitable!

I'm sorry. I must have lost my communication skills completely. We need a place that serves food/drink where we can spread out....

: )

Couple of thoughts:

OK - pending a big sports game - so double check might be -

*Healy's in Forest Park has wi-fi and really nice big tables - you can hear each other (unless there is a game)

*Buzz has an upstairs room you should call and ask about - BUT - I have never used it - I'm not really sure - still worth a call.   I'm not sure if there is spread out room without the upstairs option.

*Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor - seriously - coffee and ice cream?   What could go better with artists.  Again - back room - spread out room.  Call ahead.

*Eastgate Cafe - call them open till 8pm on Sundays.  

*I feel like a pie and coffee diner is your best bet.  I mean seriously PIE.  Do we have a spot like that around town?  Do those typical breakfasty places close at lunch? Thyme and Honey. Harrison Street Cafe.  Those would be other good options.  

Seconding the Eastgate Cafe: It's rarely loud and crowded, and the food is delicious. Almost every time I've been there, there seems to be some type of creative group meeting there, so the owners are very accommodating about moving tables around to suit your group.

i stay far away from the Buzz. But I have found that Eastgate Cafe is a great place to go and have coffee. I was there today and several students were studying there.

Thank you all for your delightful suggestions. Yeah, The OP does need a pie joint. I am willing to trade a few random bakeries/hair stores/sandwich chains/condo buildings for a Hoosier Mama.

In a minute.  

: )

oh yes - I agree - I would have a piece of pie over a cupcake any day!

Know what I was thinking? (This is why I don't have a nobel prize yet. This is the kind of thing that runs through my head.) It would be cool if someone on this very website who owned a restaurant decided to IMPORT pie from Hoosier Mama, right? Wouldn't that be cool? 

We ended up attempting to go to Molly Malones and I was the first to arrive to find the note on the door that said 'Private Event Open Again Monday' or words to that effect. We ended up at O'Sullivans. Had a nice burger. Yay.

Thanks again everyone! 

I think if given the right resources - we could just recreate it.  Yup - little vinegar in the homemade crust makes it more flaky...see I got a couple of trade tricks up my sleeve.

ooo-  wait though - don't misunderstand - I don't want to bake professionally anymore - I just want to buy the pie.  lol.  



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