Hey. Does anyone volunteer on a regular basis around the village? I'm looking for some organizations that could use someone to help out with writing, marketing, website stuff, etc. Thanks! 

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Hey Becca, here at the library we could totally use help from a volunteer with your talents! Find our volunteer application and some additional volunteer opportunities at http://oppl.org/support/volunteer.

Thanks Sharon, I'll fill out the form! 



I completed the volunteer request form some months ago for the library, but hadn't heard back. Should I try again?

I've enjoyed volunteering at the OPRF Food Pantry - I think they've asked for help in these areas before (www.oprffoodpantry.org/).

Thanks, Jan! I'm also looking for places where I can teach basic computer skills. 

Maybe the library?

Yeah. I noticed they do have something on the website about needing volunteers to help people with computers. So hopefully my services will be needed!

Also check out chicagocares.org for volunteer opportunities near OP.

Thanks Paul!

Hi --

I just moved back here from Santa Fe, but I would recommend one of the same groups I volunteered for regularly there -- the League of Women Voters, which appears to have a very active Oak Park chapter. Beyond candidate forums, they advocate for voter rights, registration and education as well as policy -- I volunteer because they're effective advocates for climate-change legislation. I think the Oak Park chapter did a rain-barrel campaign here a couple years ago. I haven't checked out the Oak Park group yet, but local Leagues always need marketing and website help. http://lwvoprf.org

Interesting. I'll check them out. Thanks!

Hi Becca,


My name is Amy Deptuch Soumar.  I am the President of the Animal Care League here in Oak Park.  We are in the process of developing an all new marketing plan and could use your talents. 

You have gotten a lot of responses to your question.  If you have a passion for helping animals and would like to help us out, please feel free to email me at asoumaracl@earthlink.net.

Good luck to you in finding a good fit!





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