If so, does anyone know why and if it's permanent?  I saw reports that there was a sign stating "license suspended."



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We passed it a few days ago and it had a notice posted that looked like they got closed down because of a health violation. Probably the same sign, my eyes just focused to the words "Health Dept", yikes! Implies it's a temporary thing, assuming it isn't a violation that requires major rehab to fix.  I'll be awaiting an update anxiously myself. We love that place.

 In hope they are able to recover.  It is difficult to bounce back from something like that.

Apparently the Chicago Health Department shut down the restaurant last month and issued more than $4,000 in fines. They hope to reopen by next week. Here's more info: http://bit.ly/I1YlhD

It could be anything.  inspector could have been over zealous or the Depot did have some issues that need correcting.  Once a govt bureaucrat decides you did something wrong, no matter how unrealistic, you got to pay up.  



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