We are thinking about renting at Oak Park City Apartments (675 Lake). I found some negative reviews online but they are a few years old. Would love to hear about others' experiences first or second hand - thanks!

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Hi Jan,


We lived there from April until Oct last year after we sold our condo downtown.  There were a fair amount of positives for living there for us.  1) We were looking to buy a new home while we rented so the location was in walking distance to just about every house we wanted to look at.  We would walk by the house either before or, more likely if we were interested in the home, after a showing.  We just put our two kids in the double stroller and took them and the dog for a walk.  So... location was great.  And we hit tons of parks on those walks as well.  2)  Before moving to OP, we really didn't know the area that well at all.  It was great to be just down Lake Street (more on that in a minute) and be a part of everything going on.  3)  We only wanted a 6 month lease.  OPCA would do that for us.  Most other places wouldn't and we didn't want to try to rent a house.  4)  The staff are super nice.  Unfortunately, Cindi the manager has moved back to the Detroit area and she was really helpful.  Manny, the head engineer, has been there I think over 20+ years.  He's awesome.  The staff were always throwing things together for resident events.  It was classy. 5)  We wanted a covered parking spot.  The parking in the building, though very very tight, was good for us with the two young kids (and dog).  6)  As you can guess, the place was dog friendly.  7)  Walking to the Farmers Market right down the street was amazing.  Loved it.


A few things that frustrated us there, but I would assume these would vary by what people were looking for.  1)  We were using to laundry in our unit downtown.  So, having to walk to the other side of the building was a bit different.  The annoying part, really, was that you had to go down to the first floor to get money put on your card for laundry.  2)  There was a problem with the A/C in the building for a good part of the summer last year.  It wasn't pushing air very well into our unit but it wasn't the case for all units.  It was just the pump for our floor/side of the building.  I think if it had affected more of the building they might have jumped on it earlier?  We were on the top floor, which, I suggest for lowering noise, esp with kids sleeping, but that made our bedroom really hot from the heat off the roof.  The kids room was on the lower level of our place and it was a bit cooler thankfully.  3)  Lake Street can be great.  However, the kids coming out of High School each day can be just a little bit of a nuisance.  Not too bad, but they can be really loud sometimes.  They are kids, right?  4)  The building backs up to a Fire Station.  We moved from the city to get away from the noise (we were in a really loud street of Congress downtown.)  I would highly suggest if you get a place to get one facing Lake Street.  It's on the opposite side of the Fire Station.  The Firemen were super nice though.  Great with our kids.  If you want a place closer to the elevator, then try to get a place that looks into the front garden area.  That's pretty nice and peaceful.


I'm sure I could think of more, but that's all I've got right now.  I'm sure my wife will read this and tell me what I missed.  Overall, we were happy to finally get a house but for the time we lived at OPCA, we were happy that we chose it.



Thanks, Todd! We do like the location and covered parking. It's helpful to hear about some of the frustrations so that if we do rent there we go in with our eyes open. Would love to hear any additional thoughts from your wife.


Btw, we're moving from a noisy street in New York and expect that anything will seem quiet in comparison!  But it does seem that sometimes noises like fire engine sirens stand out more when there's less background noise.





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