I've lived in the community for many years.  My primary care physician has moved and I'm not going with her. 


Unfortunately, this happened several years ago and I haven't been to a doctor since.  Now that I'm aging and feeling it - I need a primary care physician (internal medicine).  Not sure if anyone has any recommendations but I would appreciate any insight on who's not just good but the best. 


Many thanks!!


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Dr. Barber on North Ave. in Elmwood Park takes his time and is very caring.
Our family attends Lake Street Family physicians - my husband, daughter, and me. The offices are nice, accessible, and comfortable. The staff are great with appointments and record keeping. Of course, the various doctors we've seen are patient and take their time to answer questions and get to know what we need. We've recommended them here before.
A second for Lake Street Family physicians. On Amanda's past recommendation, I went to see Dr. Kungl and have been very happy with their services. Here's their website: http://www.lakestreetfamilyphysicians.com/
We love the green medical practice on lake. Very accomodating and takes as much time as you need.

All of these folks are resident Oak Parkers too.


Dr. Scott Yen - super nice - I seem to know lots of folks that see him but I personally don't see him because I didn't know about him before we started seeing Dr. Barber.

3 Erie Court Suite L 700
Oak ParkIL 60302


Dr. Lucy Fox - loved seeing her when we had insurance that was accepted in that office.  

Rush Oak Park Family Medicine
610 S. Maple Ave Suite: # 2500
Oak Park, IL 60304
(708) 660-2900


Dr. Frederick Barber - see him now that we have switched.  Also really nice.  He was my grandmothers doctor BTW and when I came to the office for the first time all the nurses remembered her and lamented her passing 10 years ago.  

7632 West North Avenue, Elmwood Park, IL 60707-4143 

 l love Dr. Michele Carlon. She has been my physician for about eight years and I love her dearly. She is warm and empathetic. She is part of the Beamer, Carlon, and Craigen practice on Lake Street (in the same building as the community bank).

Thank you all for the recommendations!!!  I so appreciate your sharing with me experience and their locations.  Within the upcoming weeks I will be planning office visits to meet them and make a decision.  I definitely like the fact most are Oak Park residents :)


Hope you all had a nice weekend - have a great week and thanks again



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