I'm thinking of ditching one of my cars and relying on car sharing for those rare occasions when I need to drive to work.  Price-wise and location-wise, the two competing car-sharing services appear roughly equal.  I'm most interested in the quality of service: availability and cleanliness of cars and reliability of reservation system.  Does anyone have any experience with either of these services in Oak Park?

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I haven't used either one, but here's a Yelp conversation (started by an Oak Parker) that might help. Let us know what you end up deciding, Bri.

We've been a one car family since we moved to the area, but I'd like to have a backup option just in case the need arises.

I've only used Zipcar and in NYC, not Oak Park. Overall I've had a very positive experience with them. Just make sure you know how far in advance you need to cancel (made that mistake once!). It can feel pricey for the day. I had a friend who had a monthly account that was a part of his regular budget and that seemed to work well. I like the idea of i-Go being nonprofit (I think at least).

I-go has a promotional offer ending this month ($15 sign-up/membership fee, discounted from $75, and $50 credit for CTA card).  Since I'm basically getting paid to sign-up I did.  If I'm not satisfied with the service I'll give zipcar a try. 

Enjoy! I got a substantial discount on my zipcar membership through my university so if you work for a large corporation/institution and end up trying zipcar that's something to look into.

I really like I-Go. They have at least 4 locations of cars in Oak Park -- Village Hall, Oak Park Blue Line, Oak Park Green Line and the garage next to Trader Joe's.



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