Hello All,

I've just recently moved back to Oak Park and am looking for recommendations for that ever elusive great, honest, affordable car mechanic. Any suggestions? Thanks! Peter 

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Hi Peter, I typically go to Pete's in Forest Park. it's right on Madison Avenue.

I like Ron at Associated Tire and Battery on Lombard and Roosevelt.

We have had good experiences with Larry, who used to run "The Auto Clinic" in Oak Park, but he has now moved to Randolph street in Forest Park. He now shares a garage with other folks, so if you go there or call, you just ask for him/Auto Clinic.


Good work, fair price, reliable.  He can be a little gruff on the phone and is a character, but I have been happy working with him.

When I bring in my 15 year old Toyota Camry, which I will drive until it dies, I am grateful that he keeps it running while thinking about the bottom line.  There was a part that he found on my 70K check that would need to be replaced.  It would have been quite pricey... several hundred bucks... and he showed it to me.  But he knew that the current part could be salvaged by welding on a component and that CarMax down the street could do it.  So he referred me to them, and they fixed it for change....

You gotta love a mechanic that is actually trying to save you money. 

Peter - Here's a pretty extensive conversation that we had about this very topic a couple years ago.

I've been taking our cars to Rod at Elite Tire on Harlem in Forest Park for a number of years now and been very happy. In fact, my brakes were squeaking a bit so I took my car in on Friday excepting new brakes. Rod came back and said it was just some rust and still had about 60% and another 10,000 to 15,000 miles left on them. Appreciated his honesty as I certainly didn't know any better.

Been going to Rod at Elite Tire on Harlem in Forest Park for years. Honest and fair.  Never tries to sell you work that you don't need.  Great location for service if you work downtown.  Steps from the Green Line.

Wow, didn't expect so many replies on such a boring issue. Looks like I have a lot to choose from. I think I'll start with the closest location to start trying them out. Thanks everyone!

I used the private mechanic his email volvochicago@live.com



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