I'm looking to see if anyone has any recommendations for granite countertop companies/contractors.  We recently renovated our kitchen but still need to make the final step of updating the countertop to granite.  I have done some research but am hoping there's somone out there who can add some insight.  Recently go through this process yourself?  Have a family friend/neighbor who does this kind of work?  I'm looking for the most cost affective way to get this done (aren't we all?)  Thanks for any feedback, I appreciate it. 

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We recently did ours and had a terrible experience, so I can tell you who not to use...Stone City. Right price, terrible service and sloppy install.

Thanks.    I'm looking too and that's helpful.

Thanks for the feedback -

I just had it done and went through HOBO in Villa Park to buy it and use their installers...am very happy with the whole process and the price.

Thanks Robin, I am going to check them out -


I used a company called Granite Design Midwest for my quartz counters.  The website is yourgranitedesign.com.  The owner's name is Bart.  They did a fantastic job and I highly recommend.  I actually found them on Angie's list where they had great reviews. 

I called this company and 1st impression was great - waiting to hear back on the price but they seem to be competitive based on what they told me.  How was the crew that cam ein and installed your countertop - professional/clean/etc?

You might also want to consider a granite alternative.  We used Cambria (another trade name is silestone, I think).  While it's not any cheaper than granite, there is absolutely no maintenance because unlike granite it does not need to be sealed.  We redid our kitchen in 2004 and it looks as perfect as the day it was installed and I couldn't be happier with the decision. We even used it around the stove top and as the window sill for the window over the sink to avoid grout that gets dirty and wood that gets wet. 

That is a good suggestion - and something to consider.  Thanks for your help, much appreciated!


I'm sorry I'm so late to the discussion.  I'm pretty sure Green Home Experts carries Cambria so you could go in and check out the different looks (touch and feel) and I think Maria even has rec's on some folks that could install for you. 



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