It looks like the proposed Culvers on Roosevelt in Berwyn (near Home) is being rapidly built. Has anybody heard about this? Is it, in fact, a Culvers?

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Looks like it is, Bob. Here's a discussion about it from awhile back with more information.

Here is something a bit more "official" in nature.  I only say that because it's quite old, but I assume it's still accurate.  I'll still go to Hole in the Wall for my custard fix, but for a decent, quick burger this is a wonderful alternative to BK and McD's.

I had a Culver's burger for the first time a couple of month's ago.  I don't know if it was because I was really hungry or not, but it was a damn good burger for a fast food joint.
Can't wait for the fried Cheese Curds!! Yum-O!!
Yup, it's a Culvers!  And going up pretty quickly, too.

I hope a cardiologist's office opens nearby...

I like Culver's OK. I really like new stuff happening on Roosevelt :)

Cool! I didn't realize that was going to be a Culver's. Walking distance for me!
I'm not opposed to at least trying Culver's out. I've never had their food before. Although, I feel like if I'm going to go down to Roosevelt for a burger, I might as well go to the Depot so I can get some homemade doughnuts too.
Oh, Cathy, thanks for posting a photo! I just saw that. :)



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