What is up with all of the bike theft in OP?! It is out of control. We have had three bikes stolen in the last 12 months. My brother had his stolen today.

Is there anything we can do as community members to deter such activity?!

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Thanks for the replies.

Russ, good suggestion about changing out the quick locks. That may be on my docket for the weekend.

Rich, I saw the link you posted earlier, and that's actually what started me thinking about the way I lock my bike (since it's kind of similar, aside from the extra chain lock). It got me wondering about how 'stolen' bikes are secured. I realize that at some point if they want my bike they'll take it—I just want to give the casual thieves a reason to move on to an easier target instead.
As a side note, I rode my bike to the EL over the winter and my U-Lock froze and the key broke off inside the lock. I had to call a locksmith to saw it off. What was interesting is that no one even approached us as we were hacking away at the lock right in front of the EL. The locksmith looked official, but I was still surprised by the lack of interest in cutting away a lock.
My son just had his bike stolen at the Oak Park El station a couple of days ago - he used a chain lock rather than a U lock and the bike was gone when he got back from work in the evening. I'll have to show him the posting about how to lock bikes!



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