i know it's in berwyn, but wondering if anyone has been to autre monde on roosevelt. looks really cool from the outside, but also expensive. similar to house red/marion st?

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I haven't been yet but they've gotten some good reviews. I don't know how the prices are but I don't think it's particularly cheap. I do know they specialize in small
Lars's so if you only order a few it's probably not bad.

I've been there with my wife.  Pretty expensive but damn good.  We split a steak meal and were filled up. 

Very surprising find in Berwyn.  Worth a visit.  Interesting menu, trying to be a little original in some flavor combinations.  Some worked better then others, I admit.  Pricey, but not as bad as comparable places in the city.  Nice vibe.  Very small so definitely call ahead.  I wont go often, but I'll keep it on my list for when friends come from the city/out of town, and I want to go to a place that doesn't feel as suburban. 

I don't know house red.  Marion st. .... do you mean marion street grill?  It is not like Marion street at all, which is very traditional, and feels like it is trying for more of an older audience.  Autre monde is trying to be a little hip and trendy. 

I love Autre Monde... kind of similar to Marion Street, but reminded me of places in Chicago more than anything in OP or FP. Prices were comparable to MSCM.

I really enjoyed it. I went during one of the first weeks it was open. Great, creative food and drinks. The dining style vaguely European (as in, plates are meant to be shared, etc). Great for a date night, but yes, can be pricey. Can't say enough good things about the flatbreads. I am really happy it is getting all of this positive press, but sort of sad because now I know it's going to become more and more complicated to get in there. I think the food is better than Marion St.

This restaurant is top notch!  I highly recommend!  Many glowing reviews on Yelp.com:




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