Hey everybody, I haven't been able to use my phone in Oak Park for the past week or so and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem. I've contacted customer service and they said "They're working on it." I have a pregnant wife and a sick father and I haven't been this frustrated in a very long time. Hope all is well.

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No problems here.
Not me, but the ATTT folk in the family are all having issues; beyond 3G even ... simple calls and texting are brutal.
I noticed mine was pretty spotty the day before yesterday.   It seems to be working fine now.
I had mine go out for a while and restarting the phone brought it back to normal. You might want to try that. But man, AT&T is lousy in Chicago in general (in Los Angeles, I never had coverage problems unless I was deep in a canyon or halfway to Catalina Island).

We just switched to the iPhone 4 last month and have been having problems with reception and data speeds ever since (though our 3s weren't all that great either). I called AT&T today to see if it was an equipment or infrastructure problem and the rep. informed me that there are currently 7 towers in a 10 mi. radius "down for service" (a friend of mine reported recently that he was told it was 12 towers). He assured me that maintenance would be completed in the next couple of days and that we should no longer have any problems. In consideration for the inconvenience we've been experiencing they credited us $100 on our bill.


The other word on the street is that a lot of these outages are occurring because AT&T is swapping out the 3G infrastructure for the 4G infrastructure, which is supposed to be fully functional by fall.

I'm so glad to hear this info. I have an I'm new here & when we moved in my cell reception was great and I renewed my AT&T contract. Then just recently I'm dropping calls and my texts won't go through. Very frustrating considering it's my only phone right now. I'm really glad it doesn't sound like a permanent thing. Hope it it gets back to normal soon. Thanks for the info!
It's supposed to say I have an iPhone 4 and I'm new here (2 & a half months). I'm answering this using my phone :0)

For the past week or two, we've had horrible coverage in and around our neighborhood (near OPRFHS). My phone is constantly searching in my home and it was never a problem before. It's maddening.


Do you all have the AT&T Mark the Spot app on your iPhones? You can "mark" where your loss of coverage is and it sends the report to AT&T. I've been reporting my location non-stop in hopes they notice that there's a problem with the tower. The more reports the better!

I've had a lot of problems with texts and emails not going through on my phone--I suddenly need to re-send a lot, and that wasn't the case before.
UPDATE: Talked to another AT&T rep last night. I was told that they know about the problem and are installing two new 3G towers in the OP area in either September or December. They said to try to hold out until then. They credited my account a full month of service and gave me 2000 more anytime minutes for the inconvenience. This morning I heard that the new Iphone 5 comes out in september, hopefully they make it available on a different network.



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