I will be going back to work full time in September and need to line up full time day care for my 2 year old daughter.  There doesn't seem to be many accredited day care centers in the area, so I am looking for recommendations.  I'm potentially interested in a Montessori school, but many of them have gotten poor reviews. Thanks for your help!

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We have had good experiences with Mosaic Montessori (in River Forrest). Our daughter started in the toddler program there, and is now in the primary program. One nice thing about their toddler program is that they don't require full potty training (most do).

Lots of good resources at collab4kids.org

I'd look into home day care--try BJ's kids (listed in the collab4kids directory)

Great resource that I hadn't come across yet- thank you!

I took at tour at First Baptist's daycare. It seemed to be a well-run place but I don't have any personal experience with it.

2 years and what months makes a difference; and so does whether or not he or she is potty trained.....and full time day care AND NAYEC accredited in Oak Park is hard to find if they are under 2.9 years.  Its generally going to be one or the other....share the baby's age and that might garner more accurate info....you probably want to look at home day cares as well.  

We had a wonderful experience with Building Blocks on Cuyler. Two of our kids graduated the program, and are now enrolled at St. Edmund in Oak Park. Good Luck!

We have our 2 1/2 year old in a home daycare that we are pleased with.  Let me know if you want details.  I believe their hours are 7-8 to 6pm. 

So is it a fair assessment to say that there really aren't a lot of daycare centers in the Oak Park area? I thought it might just be me not knowing where they're located. 

Um; there's a lot of daycare centers, but it just depends on what you want.  But many of the "better" center based care won't take the kids until they are potty trained OR 2 years 9 months.  That's why many folks defer to home based care when they need full day care and they aren't potty trained.  Beth specifically mentioned accredited and I don't think any of the full day care centers that take 2 year olds in Oak Park are NAYEC accredited; I may be wrong, because its been a couple of years (1 more year then Kindergarten finally!).  So I was thinking more along  the lines of the 'better' care options. 

Got it. I was just wondering. 

Hi Beth - 

I would try Dominican (Goedert Center) in River Forest, this is an accredited program and my daughter went there for three years (2-5) and it's amazing!  Concordia also has an accredited program (also in River Forest) and I have heard wonderful things about this school as well.    

Good Luck -


I'm not sure where you'll be working, but maybe consider daycare centers near that location, as well? I work in the city and use a great daycare very close to where I work. We only just recently moved here (from the city, which is why he's at that particular daycare), but it has been working out great for us. The commute is only about 20/25 minutes. It is also nice to know that if there is a problem, I am right nearby. 



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